Sweets recipes with our delicious honey.

Creamed Honey with yogourt and granola

Creamed Honey, yogurt, fresh berries and granola, this combination it is a delicious way to start your mornings off right. You can feel good packing your breakfast with delicious and nutritious ingredients!

Ice cream and honey

Ice cream with Honey (creamed, natural or with eucalyptus). Fast and wonderful dessert, serve the ice cream  with chopped almonds, fruits or your favourite topping if desired, and a drizzle of  honey.

Fry chicken with honey (creamed and natural)

The best and easiest recipe featuring crispy chicken covered in sticky sweet and savory honey sauce with sesame!

If you like a fry chicken, fry until the color changes to golden brown and put the Creamed Honeystir-fry a few times, add the sesame seeds, dish out and serve immediately with steamed white rice.

Fruits with Honey (creamed, natural or with eucalyptus)

An easy way to enjoy your fruitsis to add Creamed Honey (your favourite flavor) on the fruit salad or Creamed Honey and some fire. Brush Creamed Honey on a ripe strawberry, pear, peach or other fruit, place directly on the grill and within minutes, you have a caramelized treat. without a lot of effort.

Tea with Creamed Honey or Honey with Eucalyptus.

Teatime is a great moment to relax. Pull out a jar of nature honey or honey with eucalyptus when you drink your next cup of tea. Swirl the sweet honey in your next hot cup of tea and enjoy.

Tastes great in chamomile or a black tea.

Pancakes with Honey (creamed or natural)

Creamed Honey and pancakes were made for each other, you can spread your favorite flavor of Creamed Honey on the pancakes, the experience exotic fruits flavors, sweetness of honey and soft pancakes will made a wonderful breakfast.

Waffles with Honey (creamed or natural)

Waffles can be eaten with a variety of toppings. An alternative tostart the day with energy and sweetness. Put Creamed Honey on the waffles accompanied by nuts or fruits

Creamed Honey toast

Delicious breakfast – tea, toast and Honey – keep it light.