Bee’s Honey

Unheated, Light Amber.

Honey is a sweet liquid made by bees using nectar from flowers. Honey is natural and has a long list of health benefits due to its antibacterial properties. Centuries ago, we began using honey for more than just nourishment; we began to understand that honey had healing properties.

Honey is also commonly used to suppress coughing, and according to studies, it is equal to or better than some cough syrups. Additionally, it may help soothe the sore, inflamed throats of people suffering from colds. Honey also has some antiviral benefits, which may boost one’s immunity and prevent them from getting sick.

500 g of Pure Bee’s Honey – Glass Jar

  • Master Box contains 12 units;
    weight 9.12 kg  (L 27cm x W 18.7cm x H 23cm)
    60 master boxes per pallet
    8 pallets in 20 foot container
    Dimensions of (1) full pallet: L 1.2m x W 1.0m x H 1.97m