Be Healthy

Our History

Founded in 2000, HealthCo Products has been involved in the nutritional industry of El Salvador since the beginning, specifically putting an emphasis on developing the rich range of apicultural products (honey and derivatives) offered by the bee hive.

Why us?

HealthCo Products is a company committed to its staff, community and environment our CSR practices allow us to develop better conditions for our team, local communities, our country and planet.

HealthCo offers a healthier lifestyle through its products. We firmly believe that the intake of appropriate nutrients is the best way to guarantee a healthy and productive life.

We are also conscious that daily demands make it harder to eat nutritionally balanced meals. With this mind we have formulated functional foods and supplements, developed from a wide variety of quality extracts and 100% natural derivatives from the bee hive, in an effort this satisfy this nutritional void. All of our products are manufactured under strict laboratory conditions of quality control; we take great care of every detail and process involved in the production of our formulas.

For this reason and many others, HealthCo Products is a company you can rely on.

Our process

The bees do most of the work.  The harvest of honey in El Salvador is from November to April during which the beekeepers collect our liquid gold throughout the entire country.  The bees visit miles of wildflowers along the ocean coast, in valleys and on mountainsides to create our delicious honey.  We step in at the final phase to filter, process and leave ready to eat.

Our Certifications

In 2004 we obtained our ISO Certification to prove our level of commitment to our customers and their satisfaction.

We are a company approved by the DNM, with GMP and ISO 9001:2015 certification, in synergy with FDA requirements.

Our commitment:

Improving the future of your health